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Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Wil Nelsen in his “Becoming Human” podcast series. We talked about my introduction to mountaineering, defining trips, evaluating risk, and finding meaning in what we do. It was a very enjoyable conversation and I thank Wil so much for reaching out to me! Check out his stuff!

In Wil’s words:

In this episode, Kyle and I talk about his adventures in the Cascades, developing his skillset and mindset, thoughts on risk assessment and commitment, and one of my favorite topics – our sense of meaning and fulfilling our needs. Kyle has some incredible writing at his website, climberkyle.com Towards the end of the episode, Kyle talks about his overall motivations for chasing adventure in the mountains. It is a fascinating study on what compels us to do rituals that go beyond imminent survival and dig deeper into who we are. It is in my observations that a ritual game that meets your personal needs is integral to a life well-lived, whatever that means.

Wil Nelsen

To listen, click here. Enjoy!

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