New Trip Map

Recently, I put together a map with pins for all my trip reports on this website. You can view it at

I created my own custom pins for different types of activity. Unfortunately, the wordpress plugin I’m using, novo-map, does not allow filtering on the map but at least you can visually filter by activity!

It was a very nostalgic process to go back through 170+ posts and geolocate and write a summary for each. It sure puts into perspective the ground I have covered (literally and metaphorically) over the last 5 years.

This map will continue to grow as I explore new places! Thanks for checking it out!

6 thoughts on “New Trip Map”

  1. Nice addition! I had exactly the same nostalgic experience when I added a map to my blog some years ago. Adding the organization by location as well as date and activity is valuable to readers (and to one’s future self); I look forward to browsing around your map.

    1. Thanks! Btw, enjoyed your FKT podcast interview. Unfortunately, this map plugin (novo-map) doesn’t have an easy option for filtering on the map. It seemed like the other plugins were generally not free or had other weird quirks I did not like. For what it does, this plugin works well, but I think it’ll be challenging for me to add filtering on the map.

      1. Haha! I say “um” way too much even in real life… I don’t do a lot of public speaking.

        I looked at the code, and novo-map definitely isn’t designed to let the user dynamically filter based on tag or category. The easiest thing would be to have a separate page with a map for each category. I went with the Geo Mashup plugin because it is simple, works with Open Street Map, and generates a “nearby posts” list so people can explore an area. It’s ugly and basic, but it gets the job done… sort of like my site. 😉

        1. Good choice with Geomashup. Perhaps I can just make an addition to novo-map, but I generally try not to do any coding for this website, since I do that for my 9-5.

  2. Thanks, again kyle for all the info that you put out there. Dr dirtbag is a phd in getting by. The pop tarts thing tho. I would much rather re fuel with imperial stouts similar empty calories. Also have you ran or scrambled with salomon xa elevate? Thanks.

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